List of Numbers of NPM September-2018 Examination.(2018-08-31)

Practical Programme of Paediatric Nursing, GNM-III August-2018 Examination.(2018-07-21)

Practical Programme of Medical Surgical Nursing & Child Health Nursing, GNM-II August - 2018 Examination.(2018-07-21)

List of Numbers of GNM-II August-2018 Examination(2018-07-20)

Internal Marks Format of GNM(2018-07-18)

Circular: Internal Examiner(2018-07-18)

List of Numbers of GNM-I August-2018 Examination.(2018-07-16)

List of Numbers of ANM-I August-2018 Examination.(2018-07-16)

Practical Programme of Community Health Nursing & Health Promotion and Child Health Nursing ANM-I August-2018 Examination.(2018-07-16)

List of Numbers of ANM-II August-2018 Examination.(2018-07-16)

Practical Programme of Midwifery and Primary Health Care Nursing & Health Center Management ANM-II August-2018 Examination.(2018-07-16)

NRTS Enrollment-GINERA Date Extension(2018-07-12)

List of No's & Community Health Nursing - II Practical Program of GNM-3rd Year July-2018 Examination.(2018-07-05)

Circular - Renewal Validity - 2018-19(2018-06-15)

NRTS_Enrollment at GINERA, Ahmedabd(2018-06-08)

Circular - Information Required regarding Nursing Institutes(2018-06-04)

Circular - Post Process after Tablet Delivered(2018-05-23)

Circular - Tablet Distribution(2018-05-19)

Date Extension for Start a New Course/Seat Enhancement(2018-05-16)

NRTS Enrolment A District Mehsana (18-5-2018 to 19-5-2018)(2018-05-16)

Circular for the Renewal/ Validity 2014-15 Reg(2014-02-10)

Exam Programme for ANM (OLD COURSE) click on Download(2013-11-18)

Academic Year 2017-18
Institutes Entering Data190
Registered faculity 0
Students admitted 8102
Admitted in ANM Course2898
Admitted in GNM Course5204

   Gujarat Nursing Council (GNC) Overview

Gujarat Nursing Council is dedicated to safeguard the health of the society at large by regularizing the nursing profession, by encouraging registration, providing highest standard of Nursing and Midwifery education and practice in the state of Gujarat and Union Territory of Daman & Diu and Dadra & Nagar Haveli.

The Council aims for the advancement of nursing education and champion the cause of nursing profession.Our Mission is to prepare competent and compassionate nursing professionals.

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